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Services, consulting, and strategic studies

IFT is recognized for its history of more than 20 years of contribution in the training of skilled labor for forest management and for raising awareness of various players, both directly and indirectly, related to the management of tropical forests. IFT also stands out for providing specialized services and generating strategic information for the development of the forest sector and public planning related to the use and conservation of forests. See below how IFT can help with your project or business:

Analysis and critical review of technical reports and documents;

Macroplanning of forestry operations under FM-RIL;

Control and safety in forestry operations under FM-RIL;

Evaluation of forestry costs in ventures with FM-RIL;

Sample inventory, inventory with 100% use of GPS, and continuous inventory;

Production of theme and operational maps in FM-RIL;

Preparation of management plan, POAs and project activity reports on FM-RIL;

Rehabilitation of PPAs and development and implementation of plans for the restoration of Legal Reserves;

Forest Management independent audit in private forests in SFMP;

Prospecting and SWOT analysis of traditional communities, conservation units and private areas;

Recognition of areas for sustainable forest management purposes;

Evaluation and execution of directional cutting of trees at a risk of natural fall in rural and urban areas;

Assessment of damage and waste in logging operations;

Adjustment of volume equations for Forest Management Units.

Surveys and questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews;

Survey on the productive chains of non-timber forest products (NTFPs);

Drawing up of Management-oriented business plans;

Economic Feasibility Study (EFS) for Forest Management;

NR 12 courses for chainsaws;

Execution of operational activities and leasing of heavy machinery for FM-RIL.