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IFT Executive Bodies

General Meeting, Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and Executive Secretariat


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André da Silva Dias | andredias@wwf.org.br

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GENERAL MEETING | Effective Members

Maximiliano Roncolettaroncoflorestal@gmail.com

Denys Pereiradenyspereira@me.com


Edson José Vidal da Silva – Chairman of the Board of Directors | edvidal@esalq.usp.br

Luís Fernando Guedes Pinto – Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors | luisfernando@imaflora.org

Manoel Pereira Dias – Member of the Board of Directors | manoel@cikel.com.br

Jorge Alberto Gazel Yared – Member of the Board of Directors | jagyared@gmail.com


Rosilene Ferreira Dantas – Chairman of the Audit Committee | rosikeys@bol.com.br

Nélio Elias Dantas – Member of the Audit Committee | neliodantaselias@yahoo.com.br

Verônica Oki Igacihalaguti – Member of the Audit Committee | veronica@imazon.org.br


José Natalino Macedo Silva – Executive Secretary | josenatalino@ift.org.br

Iran Paz Pires – Vice-Executive Secretary | iran@ift.org.br

COLLABORATORS | Administrative Team

Alan Amaral – IT Assistantalan@ift.org.br

Basileu Junior – Operational Logistics Assistant |  basileu@ift.org.br

Claudia Silva – General Services

José Roberto Rodrigues – Cook |  joseroberto@ift.org.br

Josiane Marques – Accounting Assistant | josiane@ift.org.br

Juliana Santos – Accounting Assistantjuliana@ift.org.br

Mara Lameira – Executive Assistantmaracris@ift.org.br

Renato Silva – General Services

Sônia Machado – Finance & Administration Manager  | sonia@ift.org.br

COLLABORATORS | Technical Team

Alfredo Viana – Forest Parataxonomist

Amildo  Jesus – Assistant Forest Parataxonomist

Ana Luiza Violato Espada – Coordinator of the Community and Family Forest Management Programanaviolato@ift.org.br

André Miranda – Technical Instructorandre@ift.org.br

César Pinheiro – Technical Instructorcesar@ift.org.br

Elias Santos – Environmental Journalist | elias@ift.org.br

Iran Pires – Operational Manager iran@ift.org.br

João Lima – Technical Instructorjoao@ift.org.br

José Natalino Macedo Silva – Technical Managerjosenatalino@ift.org.br

Lindomar Santiago – Operator Instructor | lindomar@ift.org.br

Miguel Jesus – Forest Parataxonomist

Paulo Costa – Operator Trainer

Paulo Bittencourt – Operational Coordinator |  paulo@ift.org.br

Rone Brito  – Technical Instructorrone@ift.org.br

Would you like to learn more about the technical staff of IFT?

This is our team:


José Natalino Macedo da Silva

José Natalino Macedo Silva is the Executive Secretary of IFT. Graduated from the Federal University of Paraná in 1971, he holds a Master’s Degree in Forest Engineering from the same institution (1980) and has a PhD in Forest Sciences from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom (1990). For more than 40 years, he dedicated to forestry research in the Brazilian Institute for Forest Development (IBDF), which was merged to form IBAMA, and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). He was a member of the first Board of the Brazilian Forest Service as Director of Forest Concessions (2007-2011). He is an associate professor at Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia. His expertise includes the Management of Public Forests and Forestry, and Management of Tropical Forests.

Iran Paz Pires

Creating, improving and disseminating good forest management practices seeking to minimize human impacts on natural resources of production forests is the life mission undertaken by Forester Iran Paz Pires, Vice-Executive Secretary of IFT. Graduated in Forest Engineering in 2003 from the Faculdade de Ciências Agronômicas of Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), located in Botucatu, São Paulo State, Iran also has a Master’s Degree in Forestry Sciences from Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia (UFRA). Acting in the forest area for 10 years, he took on the role of operational coordinator in 2004 and today is the operational Manager and Vice-Secretary of IFT. He is experienced in business management, community initiatives and independent evaluation in management units in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.

Ana Luiza Violato Espada

Forest Engineer Ana Luiza landed in Belém 6 years ago carrying on luggage the desire to contribute to the development of the Amazon region. Born in São Paulo state, she took Pará as her second home and took up residence here. In addition to being an Environmental Technician, Ana is a Forester graduated from Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz and is taking her Master’s Degree from the post-graduation program in Natural Resource Management and Local Development at the Environment Department of the Federal University of Pará (NUMA/UFPA). Currently, she is the Coordinator of IFT’s Community and Family Forest Management Program. She develops research on environmental governance, natural resources management and local development in the Amazon. She is experienced in tropical forest management, forest certification, encouragement to community and family forest management, and articulation to implement public policies for the management and use of natural resources by local communities and traditional populations. She also worked as an intern in the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and the French institution Center for international Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD).

Rone do Carmo Parente Brito

Forest technician Rone Parente has been with IFT for 7 years now. He is a specialist in Georeferencing of Rural Properties and acts as a field coordinator in the Sustainable Landscapes of Brazil Project, in addition to giving courses as a technical instructor. He is currently studying environmental engineering. Rone agrees with Theodore Roosevelt and also believes that “the conservation of natural resources is the underlying problem. If we don’t settle it, the other ones will be hard to solve.”

João Adriano Melo de Lima

Forest Technician graduated from the School of Work and Production of Pará (ETPP), Escola Agroindustrial Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira campus. An employee of IFT since 2008, working as a Technical Instructor, he has an expertise in the development of maps for forest management using GIS. João coordinates various forest management activities. He is a student of environmental engineering thanks to professional development support program adopted by IFT.

César de Souza Pinheiro

An Agricultural Technician from the Escola Agrotécnica Federal de Castanhal and a technologist in Environmental Management from the University of Maringá (Paraná State). He gives training and capacity-building courses on sustainable forest management and reduced impact logging in the Amazon. He is experienced in community timber and non-timber forest product management. César is the professional that has been the longest with IFT. He has an expertise in development, improvement and implementation of good forest management and reduced impact logging practices on highlands in the Brazilian Amazon; coordination and execution of botanical identification course; planning and construction of rural and forest roads; operation of heavy machinery; assessment for FSC certification and RIL; and forest management course in lowlands.


Sonia Maria Bentes Machado

IFT’s administrative and financial manager holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and is an enthusiast of environmental conservation. For her, only through a conscious forest management will it be possible to ensure the sustainability and biodiversity of the ecosystem. Sonia worked for 15 years at Amazônia Compensados e Laminados S/A and has been with IFT for 7 years now.

André Maria de Oliveira Miranda

The forest technician, graduated from Escola Agroindustrial de Ensino Fundamental Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, and technologist in environmental management from Unicesumar – Centro Universitário Cesumar, André Martins, also known as ‘Dodo’, is an instructor in training courses for different audiences in forest management and reduced impact logging, log yard mapping and operations, planning of work units and skidding plan, amongst other topics. Working with IFT for 16 years, André has an expertise in field work techniques in some Brazilian states such as Pará, Acre, Rndônia and Amazonas.

Paulo Roberto da Gama Bittencourt

Paulo is a Forester and operational coordinator of IFT. He has a Master’s Degree in Forestry Sciences from Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia (UFRA). He believes in a balanced relation between man and nature for the conservation of sociobiodiversity. For him, “without the forests, man cannot live. Without mankind, there will be no forests.” He has been with IFT since 2007 and he also coordinates the logistics of field operations within the institutional activities. He is a technical representative in the position of Advisor to FSC-Brasil, Environmental Chamber. He was an alternate member of the National Council on the Environment (CONAMA) from 2009 to 2011 and worked as technical manager for the Sustainable Forest Management Plan (PMFS) and Annual Operation Plans (POAs) for the community forest management of Cooperativa Mista da FLONA Tapajós (COOMFLONA).

Maximilian KA Steinbrenner

an IFT Consultant since 1999, Germany-born Max is graduated, MSc and PhD in Forestry Sciences. He worked at the University of Freiburg, Germany; and in the German Technical Cooperation between the Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia (UFRA) and the Associação de Universidades Amazônicas (UNAMAZ). A quote in special motivated Max in exploring the universe of tropical forests: “It’s good to remember that it is always the man who threatens the forests and the jaguar; but it’s never them to raise their voice – once again it’s man. Therefore, loving nature is not enough – there is no sustainability without thinking of the man.”


Adalberto Veríssimo

An Agronomist with a Master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Pennsylvania State, he was the Executive Director of Imazon from 1990 to 1993; he supervises research activities and also works on the preparation of proposals for research, academic orientation, institutional representation, writing and editing of scientific articles. In addition, Adalberto has been an Avina Leader in two projects: “Apoio ao Manejo Florestal na Amazônia” (Support to Forest Management in the Amazon) and “Cidades Sustentáveis da Amazônia” (Sustainable Cities of the Amazon), since 2002, and has participated in more than 120 publications about the Amazon as an author and co-author.


Edson José Vidal da Silva

A PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of São Paulo.

Currently, he is a professor at the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (USP) and coordinator of the Forest Resources Postgraduate Program. He has published 23 articles in specialized journals and 7 papers in proceedings of events. Edson has published 11 books and another 2 chapters of books, received 2 awards and/or honors. In his professional activities, he has interacted with 27 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific papers. In the curriculum lattes, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic production and cultural include: forest management, Amazonia, ecology and management of natural resources, public policies, forest certification, dynamics of tropical forests, forest economy and ecology and management of vines.

Luís Fernando Guedes Pinto

Graduated in Agronomy from the University of São Paulo (1993), MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1996) and PhD in Plant Science from the University of São Paulo (2003), with activities in the ICRAF, Southeast Asia. Currently working at Imaflora (Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification Institute). He has experience in the field of Agronomy, working mainly on the following themes: certification and agroforestry systems. Luís is a collaborating Professor to the Professional Training Course at the School of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (Escas), and was an Associate Researcher of the Oxford Centre of Tropical Forests, of the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University.

Jorge Alberto Gazel Yared

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forest Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná State (1974), MSc in Forest Science from the University of São Paulo (1983), and PhD in Forest Science from the Federal University of Viçosa (1996). From 1975 to 1978 he worked as a researcher at the Forest Research Center of the Amazon Region in the Forest Research and Development Project (IBDF/FAO-BRA-45 agreement), and from 1978 to 2008 as a researcher of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). He has expertise in the field of forest resources, especially in the area of tropical forestry, in which he has more than 100 publications as an author and co-author. He was the Regional Coordinator of the Forest Research Center of the Amazon Region; Technical Director of Forest Product Chains of the Pará State Forest Development Institute (Ideflor), and Deputy Secretary of Pará State Government Secretariat. He also worked as a Director General of the Pará State Forest Development Institute. He was a professor of the doctoral course in Agricultural Sciences, Amazonian Agroecosystems, at Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia. He has been the General Head of Embrapa Amapá since October 2013.


Nelio Augusto Dantas Elias

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Faculdades Integradas Colégio Moderno. He is currently a professor at Faculdade do Pará (FAP) and Faculdade de Estudos Avançados do Pará (Feapa). He has been working in the field of higher education and corporate training for 18 years. Founding partner of A & C Auditoria e Consultoria SS Ltda., a company with 22 years of experience with public and private companies of various sizes and economic activities.